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    "The ocean is my cathedral." - Islay Aitchison.

    The series is an exploration of contemporary religious-less self-baptism. Some photographed indoors and some photographed in nature, these photographs present the ritualistic and intrinsic quest for self-baptism in the contemporary age. The series can be seen as a portrait of the human condition, our primal search for meaning and self-discovery. Although these women do not identify with a religion, they feel a sense of renewal and reconciliation in certain places. I have photographed them carrying out their religious-less self-baptism with their eyes closed, in their private moment. Contrary to popular and historic representation of women in art, they have voices – a quote alongside their image concretes their intelligence and sense of spirituality and the honesty of the image. Also, they are named; they are real women with real thoughts on the world and their minds. They are not represented as fragile and small in their surroundings; rather, they appear empowered and in the process of renewal. Each photograph shows immersion, and through immersion these women find power and purpose. 

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    study & painting of The Patient Griselda, Frank Cadogan Cowper




  10. Ph. Alexandra Carr 

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    Coniston Lake, Cumbria, Sidney Richard Percy. English (1821 - 1886)

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    The Reading Girl - Theodore Roussel


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